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The Hacker is Back ! !


HelloClan Leader
September 07, 2020 The hacker was spotted on Hue - 1968 by Santa and Tyme Bulm.
He is playing with 300 ping but still manages to giving away head shots from across the map running:

September 13, 2020 Another appearance of the hacker. Sgt. Slaughter is nicely asking him to turn his aimbot a little bit down, but without much luck...
Now it is also known that his aimbot doesn't recognize certain in-game materials like concrete.

September 13, 2020 #2 Later that day Tyme Bulm noticed the hacker in-game again.
Besides using bots it appears that he can also see enemies behind walls.

September 13, 2020 #3 His hacks are not so great after-all, but he still have 600 rounds on his mat-49 and m16

P.S. Have you ever seen how snipers fight each other? :D



HelloClan Leader
Whats the point? Tell us something new..
The point is to show everyone how such hack accusations are really stupid and useless and also can insult some players who never used any hacks in their lives. The only right thing to do if you think someone's using something is to report them on forum or send a message to me or any other admin here.
But... What would you know about that, right?


Battlefield Vietnam Admin
The hacker strikes again! This time he has unlimited ammo on cobra! Good catch, paranoid!
While admins didn't do anything about this annoying hacker, BarFly decided to take the initiative and team kill the bastard. Good job!

Who is the music artis for that second song Rus?


HelloClan Leader
This is exactly why I created this thread.

It may seems funny sometimes, like on the 2nd and 3rd picture where Sgt. Slaughter accusing Stone, though they are both well known for their hack accusations, lol.

It may seems funny once, twice...
But eventually, all the fun turns into an ugly everyday stream of such "conversation", filling in-game chat with spam, insulting players and making other players falsely believe that we have a lot of hackers playing on our server...

If we are going to continue posting here every single case of hack accusation, I believe very soon this thread will contain dozens or even hundreds of posts.

And this is exactly why we are against this kind of behavior:

Excessive accusing of hacks/weapon insulting/whiner or crying comments.


HelloClan Leader
Why is this keeps happening!? And what should we do to put an end to this?
Now mR oRanGe decided to join the Whiner’s Club as well?


It all started very well. Too well. Actually I didn't believe it myself when I first saw this kind of language.
Nevertheless it was for real, but, unfortunately, not for long...


2020-10-10 12:44:41 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : wow moan core pretty quick and far aim
2020-10-10 12:44:57 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : only takes a milisec to zero in , your pretty good 
2020-10-10 12:46:42 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : 2 shots   
2020-10-10 12:46:48 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : pretty good 
2020-10-10 12:46:56 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : im not that good 
2020-10-10 12:48:37 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : whats your real name Moancore
2020-10-10 12:48:45 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : tell us about you
2020-10-10 12:48:57 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : i know its not Moancore   
2020-10-10 12:51:39 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : well Welcome Maoncore 
2020-10-10 12:51:58 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : we love experts and professionals


Here's some more from Hue map.

2020-10-10 12:59:08 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : your slipping Moancore 
2020-10-10 13:08:19 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : wow Moancore you hit every time no matter what really good
And then he lost it and ruined it all...
Moancore got a little tired and left his room to take a leak and all the hell got loose...

2020-10-10 13:16:38 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : what yoy jumped on spec now weak ass because Im on to you   
2020-10-10 13:16:55 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : stay in US so I can kill you , I got your number now 
2020-10-10 13:17:01 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : wuss
2020-10-10 13:17:35 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : Comeback Moancore So I rape you more I got your timming now
2020-10-10 13:20:41 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : your bot doesnt work on close quarters   
2020-10-10 13:20:57 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : oops 
2020-10-10 13:21:12 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : get a good look Moancore
2020-10-10 13:36:41 : # [Global] mR oRanGe :  i gotr your autoaim right between my legs 
2020-10-10 13:36:53 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : youy and MOanbot 
2020-10-10 13:36:56 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : ahahahahahaha
2020-10-10 13:37:03 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : i got your fucking number
2020-10-10 13:40:42 : # [Global] mR oRanGe :  I got his number in anycase 
2020-10-10 13:41:10 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : even with his bot bullshit he has to go spec


2020-10-10 13:47:48 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : im going to load up on this hack this map

2020-10-11 12:00:12 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : hit that hacker 2 times with tank and he stays up  
2020-10-11 12:00:33 : # [Global] mR oRanGe : watch that fucking cheater
2020-10-11 12:00:47 : User [RUS]WarrioR said '[BVSM] mR oRanGe  kicked for , Kick for accusing players of hacking'.
2020-10-11 12:00:47 : User [RUS]WarrioR issued console command 'admin.admin_killplayer 3'.
2020-10-11 12:01:06 : User [RUS]WarrioR kicked player mR oRanGe  for  Kick for accusing players of hacking.


Forum Guru
I must retort and apologize for my language, but not for the substance of my outrage.

1. I had asked Gore for some info on Moancore, he replied " New player, new Key, never been on this server till the most recent games"
2. Moancore could hit me anywhere from the map and at long distances in milliseconds or even faster with consistency
3. I tried a few tests and not to jump to conclusions even though I already suspected map hacks and aimbots. I crawled out of his view and popped up with a quick keystroke not worrying about trying to fire just make the movement to gauge with an up and down super quick movement. Again he is able to hit me at long distances and not know where I am going to end up and then kill me with one shot every time flawlessly.
4. Next map Saigon 68 if I spawn I'm dead, If I jump from a high spot and land dead instantly, no matter what I am losing the battle 10-1 ratio.
5. Observe another scenario lets see his skills ( gunfight within just a few feet of each other) This is where I started making ground. Upclose he can't kill me one shot every time over and over. In fact, I started to kill him over and over. If you want to say it was pea brake, ok whatever Russ your show. But I don't accuse very many people of hacking and that is in your log database. I almost never accuse anyone of hacking. But when I do see a hacker I like to drink a Dos Equis right after. It goes down smooth and tastes great.

You can say whatever you want Russ, but time will tell and I see what he is doing. I'm not fooled. I will apologize for the language but the accusations I do not. Let's see you on the other end of this as I was and let's see you have the same opinion. Maybe you will, maybe you won't, but it will get your atten and your ears will perk up and you won't forget that I promise you.

And lets get something straight, I don't think I am that good to be honest and I have said it before many times over the years and in many posts. I also don't lead any statistics in virtually any category that I am aware of. Because I play to try to be the best player on my team with consistency and a not quitting attitude for the duration of the game. Im not a pilot so I don't try to hog aircraft, etc. Secondly, I don't have an ego about the large numbers of players that are better than me. I don't play for those reasons. So if your going to pounce on me and make an example with your memes and gif's so be it, I will survive unfazed and don't take it personally and I will move on with no ill will. And I am man enough and mature enough to apologize about the language, but I am not apologizing for calling him a hacker! ;) Pretty odd someone can hit you with one shot everywhere on the map except up close in a gunfight with me. I saw this over and over and the physics of good response time and accuracy are not adding up here. He is farsighted? LOL

x4|Al Gore

Normal Poster
@mRoRange 'Been there, done that'. I have occasionally become almost that good, once in a while. Not just in BFV but also in CS-GO in my experience. It has something to do with a rhythm. Once you get in it, you can kill people left and right with just a few shots at even long distance. (Of course it immediately triggers hacking accusations on me as well.):) My problem was that I always chose the avatar of Engineer or M60 (machine gun). I almost never chose the Infantry with M16 or AK47. I was good with MAT49 but when people would got me with M16 or AK47 with one shot kills, I felt exactly like you did......until I tried the M16 and AK47 myself. I remember this one time when I was almost as good as Moancore. I don't know how, and I was rarely that good again. (I can't get into that rhythm as often):) But I experienced it and I understood that my previous accusations on @HTN and @Ohreally for aimbot hacking were baseless. I apologized to HTN after a few days in game. BTW Moancore is a new player indeed but I don't have access to keys. I'm not an admin here :) May the rhythm be with you!


Forum Guru
Somebody told me that about him being a new player and the details I mentioned. As far as accusations, yea I don't have proof but I am highly suspicious about other aspects besides accuracy. On another note I welcome a lot of people and friendly to almost all players unless your a person calling others names based on how good they are, constantly quoting KDR , highlighting players frustrations and rage quits which lowers the total players and server traffic over petty and nonsense BS which in my opinion is very counter to building and maintaining a base for longevity. And just sheer constant bickering, he's AFK, he's team switched, he did this, he did that constantly while at the same time the same people are getting banned monthly and over and over for their own bad behavior, name-calling, raping, and infractions. If your one of these people yea you might get some crap from me and I own it . But I am not a person who specializes in antagonizing everyone for all the bullshit reasons non-stop like a few we have on the server who just can't play and not worry about everyone's score, actions, and this and that. If Moancore is legit and just a hell of an accurate FPS I will definitely apologize to him and I am not too proud to do that.


HelloClan Leader
You can say whatever you want Russ, but time will tell and I see what he is doing. I'm not fooled. I will apologize for the language but the accusations I do not. Let's see you on the other end of this as I was and let's see you have the same opinion. Maybe you will, maybe you won't, but it will get your atten and your ears will perk up and you won't forget that I promise you.
But I was on the other end of this as I am the Moancore. I thought I made it obvious in my post... Even terry was saying that to you in teamchat.
It doesn't really matter after-all.

It appears your hacker detection skills are really sucks. So if you can't see the difference between a skilled player and a cheater, perhaps you just should follow our rules?
To report suspected players on forum and not making baseless accusations in the game?


Forum Guru
I suspected it could be you but wasn't sure, to be honest. If the one time I actually go out on a limb and accuse someone of hacking and its a mistake and it's you I can live it. It wasn't like it was real new player like the chat message was sent to me or a new CD key for the first time which led to my thoughts. Not being told this I would have had less suspicion from the start, but you fed that info to me, right?

As I stated before it's not my regular choice to do so, I don't give a crap if you say I suck. I have had my doubts about you from the first week after seeing you in action and that's just my opinion. Like when there were 4 players and you choose to use M18 to rape the board. I don't play like that and was surprised coming from the almighty leader. Maybe you were just on a roll. I will apologize " Im sorry "

So celebrate Russ , you acted as a new player, fed me some bs, I formulated a theory and suspected a hacker. Did you catch and uncover some big mystery? I could have done that and looped a few people myself. What does that prove? Pat yourself on the back now, I guess.