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BFV Multiplayer download and install today.


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Dec 15, 2018
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How does one get to play Battlefield Vietnam online today when they have no physical cds no nothing? Is there a site, videos and/or links to all the necessary steps? Im facing this problem now since i would love to have BFV on my new pc also, but don't really know where to start. There's also alot of excited people irl to whom i recommend this game but when they ask me 'How do i get it to work? Where do i download it?' etc, i don't really know what to say and they kinda lose their interest so it's challenging to get people to play.


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Sep 21, 2019
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Unfortunately, this game was abandoned by the game company and there are no legal ways to obtain the digital copy via any website now.

We had a download link for Battlefield Vietnam some time ago, but after DMCA request we had to remove it.
Since then we are not able to distribute this game via our site anymore.

There are some physical cds left on amazon, ebay and other similar sites. You can also try to get the game via torrents if it is not forbidden in your country.