Would you like to keep the changes?

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Sep 21, 2019
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There were no new votes for the last few days, so I am wrapping it up.

In order to make it fair, I will take into account only those players who play with us regularly and who had a chance to actually compare these new set of changes in-game with what we had before.

The results are:
  • Mookli, x4|Al Gore, silvia, LTShaun - Voted FOR;
  • BassToss, LoNe WoLf[Ger], $nakedoctor, paranoid and myself - Voted AGAINST;
  • mRoRange, BarFly, Nitrofish, HeiligWahrheit - Voted for the third item.
So it's basically 4 vs 5

There's also still much confusion here about the subject of the voting.

Someone likes the new map order, but doesn't like the newly changed settings. Others like new settings and don't like the new map order.
There are even players here who like, for example, map vote turned off and don't like idle map removed and vice versa.

According to the vote results and because there were much less complains about the previous set of settings I am reversing everything back.
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