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Jan 6, 2021
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Hello there!​

I'll cut straight through the cheese here...

Event attendances have dropped considerably when we used mods that required downloads was a hassle. Quite a few times I was teamviewing with players to help get mods working so they could join in the events.

Our previous event on Mission Possible itself was very low on player count. The only reason I've pursued the course of using mods & or community made maps (requiring download), was that these gave a fresh feel to the game and they were something just "different" compared to our usual gameplay on vanilla maps.

Granted, there are other servers out there that cater to such things, I thought by bringing it inhouse it might generate more interest - clearly not! :eek:

Thus, after discussing the idea with @Pipiska , we're working together now and refurbishing -[HELLO]-Mission Possible with Pipiska's server-side mods. These alterations require no additional files by players to join in. This obviously means no pesky downloads and or confusing installations. Pipiska himself will post about the changes in detail as soon as he is ready, there is no immediate rush, so he will only post the details when he is happy with them. :)

This means that Mission Possible's current map rotation will be altered and removed as soon as Pipiska is ready. The main page for Mission Possible will be altered as soon as the details have been published by him as well.

Along with this news, there is an additional rule applicable to Mission Possible only:

Specifically this line under Disruptive Play > Main Raping:

Main Raping (Mission Possible):
Please note that "main bases" that feature a double flag can only be captured last. Attacking double flag positions either from the ground or air, before your team has all the other flags, constitutes main rape.

Admin warn, kick & ban messages for main raping:
Please don't main rape unless last flag | Kicked for main raping | Banned for main raping.
The rules that cover both servers are here: and only the above mentioned rule applies to Mission Possible. Admin guidelines for admins only has also been updated to reflect this addition for that server specifically.

Included in this partnership, Pipiska has been brought on as staff. He is now a Battlefield Vietnam admin and can freely moderate both servers (as all admins can) or stick with Mission Possible itself.

Further down the line, as soon as Pipiska is ready, we will begin planning an event centered around Mission Possible's new direction to break it in (again :) ).