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Aug 22, 2021
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-[HELLO]-Mission Possible server is the same server like main -[HELLO]-Allmaps V1.21 server but with little upgraded gameplay, which consists of adding new vehicles on default maps, changing the gameplay of the map (knife fighting only, tank battles, battles in tunnels only etc). There will also be changes in game balance. For example, on Operation Hastings, there will now be AA Vehicles(ZSU and Nancy). It will help ground players counteract an aircraft dominated map. Similar changes will be made on all maps to achieve a more balanced and enjoyable gameplay.

The changes are based on the capabilities of the default game - this means - no third-party mods or downloads need to be done, everything is implemented server side - the so-called SSM. (server side modding).​

Among the special things, it is worth noting that on some maps there will be a stationary machine gun - MINIGUN , which is distinguished by good firepower, of course, it is not a new weapon, since, again, we use the standard features of the game, it well-known machine gun from the AC47 aircraft. Using it will be described further below.

The Armored Troop Carrier TANGO is now no-longer just a boat that allows soldiers to spawn without flags, it now carries an OH-6 Loach patrol helicopter on all the maps where it is used. It is worth noting that it now has an increased radius of action.

Now, not only will the TANGO or Mi-8 Cargo vehicles allow soldiers to spawns on the battlefield, the Chinook, AC47, sampan and BM21 cargo also allow spawns!

The main difference from the main server will be that the basic rule of the game will be to have a double main flag on some maps - which means no attacks on the main base with doubleflag until you own all the other flags. This rule is intended to eliminate disagreements regarding the rape of the main base and the respawn of the players, which ultimately leads to the fact that players leave the server, go to spectators and are accused of foul play. Only when you fulfill the conditions of the rule and are able to capture all the flags - you can attack the enemy base with no mercy, this will be your reward for hard work. But remember go back if they have more flags again. The only thing that will be allowed on main bases is to steal vehicles - but do it silently, not to kill anybody - remember about the doubleflag rule.


Friendly fire - OFF
Map vote - ON
No idle map - the map on which the game is over will remain on the server until the next players

Know bugs
If you can`t change team - 1st choose suicide - then change team - should works

MAP LIST with short description

• Operation Hastings (New vehicles + MINIGUN!!!)
• Hue - 1968 (New vehicles + MINIGUN!!!)
• Operation Flaming Dart (New vehicles + MINIGUN!!!)
• Saigon - 1968 - 1version (New vehicles + MINIGUN!!!)
• Saigon - 1968 - 2version (TUNNELS ONLY!!!)
• Siege of Khe Sahn (New vehicles)
• Ho Chi Minh Trail (Temple Close combat fight)
• Operation Game Warden (New vehicles)
• Quang Tri - 1968 rooftop KNIFE ONLY fights
• Fall of Lang Vei (New vehicles)
• Reclaiming Hue (New vehicles + MINIGUN!!!)
• Operation Cedar Falls - 1version (New vehicles +TOWER)
• Operation Cedar Falls Tunnels war (WAR IN THE TUNNELS ONLY!!!)
• Cambodian Incursion (New vehicles + MINIGUN!!!)
• Operation Irving (New vehicles)
• Quang Tri - 1972 (TOWERS+MINIGUNS 1flag close combat)
• Defense of Con Thien (New vehicles + MINIGUN!!!)
• Landing Zone Albany (SNIPER ONLY DUEL)
• Fall of Saigon (New vehicles + choppers)
• The Ia Drang Valley (HUGE TANK BATTLE)
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