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Report Server Issues:​

If you are encountering issues where you cannot join our server or are getting errors such as "server full" when it's clearly not, please use the report link below:

Report Players:​

If a player is breaking our rules, either in BF1942 or BFV, please use report link below:

To make it even easier​

If you don't feel like navigating to the page specifically, use the "Contact Us" widget on the bottom right hand corner of your screen on our home page - as it mirrors what the form is and has the same functions. In short course I'll make this widget available across our pages and possibly rename it.

You'll notice that the links are the same as the form serves a few functions. You need only fill it out according to what you are currently in need of. By selecting which staff you need help from, the staff selected will be notified immediately after you submit the form and whomever is readily available will attend to the issue as quickly as they are able to. You will also receive a response via email if further info is required or confirmation of it being solved.

This form was made so users do not need to login or create accounts. We only ask for your email so that we may provide feedback to you directly.

Kindly note:​

I appreciate that the community trusts me to personally solve problems, however please understand that I'm not always available. It's been happening a bit now where I'm pinged into oblivion, or spammed with issues. Stuff that requires urgent attention and I simply was unavailable, however other staff that were perhaps available could have easily assisted.

Please note that posting on my profile page, or posting on one's own profile page (or other staff's profile pages) will not help the situation. There are correct channels to do this and I have created / supplied them. Postings such as those will be deleted. If you have used the correct channels, please allow a few moments for a staff member to respond - please do not double post on our other platforms about the same problem.

I feel I should mention that, currently, the ticket system on our Discord server is primarily monitored by myself. I will work towards getting others on board to monitor it, perhaps even fellow leaders. Likewise, on Discord, if I'm clearly offline pinging me won't result in a response until I'm next online at my PC. I've disabled Discord's push notifications on my phone.
Not open for further replies.