-[HELLO]-Forgotten Hope

HelloClan's FH server is our latest addition, we've decided it was time to try something completely different and thanks to some assistance from a certain community, it's being made a reality!

About Forgotten Hope

Forgotten Hope is a highly acclaimed mod for Battlefield 1942 that enhances and expands the original game with a focus on realism and authenticity. It introduces a wealth of new content, including historically accurate weapons, vehicles, uniforms, and maps, providing players with a more immersive World War II experience. The mod features an expanded arsenal, including weapons and vehicles not present in the base game, contributing to a diverse and historically representative set of options for each faction.

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About Battlefield 1942

Battlefield 1942 was released on the 10th of September 2002, it was developed by DICE & published by Electronic Arts. With a World War II setting, players have several maps to choose from, boasting from a variety of locations based off of famous battlefield locations from WWII. Combat is between the Axis Powers & the Allies.

Desert Combat, Eve of Destruction, Galactic Conquest, SilentHeros & many more community made modifications for Battlefield 1942 have kept the game feeling fresh. Custom maps have also been made by the community, in this case we boast such custom maps!